Summer Workshop

We just enjoyed a fun & relaxing summer workshop.

It involved paper clay, paint, decoupage...

and of course, cloth!

We had scheduled doll artist, Sherry Goshon, to conduct a workshop for us but due to circumstances out of her control, she had to cancel.

So we improvised! We chose a pattern and helped each other. Sherry was in contact with our club president and available to answer questions. The pattern was Sherry's "Paris" doll which had been published in Soft Dolls & Animals magazine.

It turned out to be a very laid back and pleasant way to do a class. We worked, discussed the doll making process, hashed out favorite tv show plots, and reminisced about past club workshops and the techniques we've learned from our wonderful teachers.

We had a brand new doll-maker join us from Lawton, OK. She caught on like she'd been doing this for years!

Most of us made it at least this far. Our Arkansas ladies were already sewing the doll's costume by the end of the weekend.

So be sure to check back after our August meeting. Hopefully we'll have some Paris dolls to show!
For more pictures from the workshop, please visit our Facebook page.


July Show & Tell

This month the club has the display cases at the library where we regularly meet. The theme is sports, exercise and as it relates to reading - exercise your mind!

The second case has a selection of dolls made by our members over the year. Obviously taking pictures through glass isn't the ideal condition, but we hope you enjoy browsing them anyway. Better yet, stop by & see them in person!

We also had a club meeting the first Wednesday. Our resident photographer wasn't able to attend but our secretary sent in some phone pix from Show & Tell.

We saw this lovely by Shauna as a work-in-progress last month. She turned out wonderful & is also in the display case.

This "heart-door" doll is by Andrea.

Above and below...Doreen's whimsical elves.

"George Washington" was the door prize, made by Jack. Perfect for July!

The demo this month was a baby toy by Kathy.