July Show & Tell

Happy Summer and Happy 4th of July!

Here are some Show & Tell pix from our July meeting..

This cutie was the door prize (made by Jennepher) and won by Sheri.

It was a double-door-prize month!

Carlyn made a gorgeous "Mage" and Sharon won her.

She is also a marionette. The arms are movable, with rods connected to the arms and corks for handles.

Doreen is at it again! Another mischievous pixie!

This is Doreen's finished doll from the Marla Niederer workshop.

She made the costume from another pattern.

Laurie's been gettin' her Steampunk on! Check it out...

Carlyn wasn't satisfied with the results of the head she made in the workshop. So what do we all do in that case? That's right - let the doll take over and improvise as needed! There are no mistakes - just re-visioning.  That gal turned out to be a vampire.

Speaking of the workshop, some of our gals bought a couple pieces of Marla's work for their personal collections.

And speaking of doll instructors... this is a sample doll of what Linda Misa will be teaching in our fall workshop. Details to come!

We'll close this month's show & tell with Lisa's "Lady Liberty".  She's made of paperclay and a repurposed plastic bottle.

Enjoy the summer and we'll be back in August!