November Show&Tell pt 2

This is part 2 of Show & Tell from the November meeting.

If you frighten easily, you might want to scroll to the end!

Because Carlyn brought some of her creations back from the "Day of the Dead" exhibit.

This one is particularly amusing...inspired by Mr. Playboy himself (Hugh Hefner).

Oh it gets better! Or worse, depending on your perspective of such things :)

Jack made the door prize. He named it "Don't Wake the Baby!" When you open the casket, there's a screaming, um... little being inside.

As if that wasn't enough fun, he went and made another one!

Whew! Let's look at something a bit more girly...

One of our new members brought this chic ensemble.

And, oh dear, I don't remember who made this delightful creature. I think it was another new member. After all that scary stuff, I can't remember now.

And Nark made this cute little button bracelet.

Carlyn visited a charming fabric store in Rogers, Arkansas and suggested we all go together on a field trip. She brought some samples to show us.

Our next get together will be the annual Christmas luncheon & gift exchange. Hopefully, we'll also have a lot of Show & Tell from all of our fall projects. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you in December.


November Show & Tell

 Can you believe The Holidays are just around the corner?!

We had our November meeting on the 5th. Show & Tell is always our favorite part.

The button-eyed cutie above was made by Lisa.

 And this little beauty was made by Pam.

Shari's traveling Hoffman doll has returned home looking lovely as ever.

And this chic cherie is one of Jean's creations.

And did you wonder who was peeking around the corner in the first picture?

It was another of Lisa's projects from a fun class she recently took.

We have another group to show...check back!