September Show & Tell

It won't be long til we see brightly colored leaves! We got a sneak preview with the cute door prize Sherri made. It was won by Carlyn!

Carlyn added a touch of Christmas to our Show & Tell. She made this Christmas Angel in an online class by Deb Wood.

It's made of polymer clay. The wings are doubled angelina film.

Shauna brought something she purchased (left) and one of the dolls she demonstrated during the Maker Faire (rt).

Doreen made this next gentleman.

 Isn't he adorable!?

And here is Laurie's "Princess & the Pea" from Cindee Moyer's pattern. She worked on the princess during Maker Faire and finished her that evening.

The princess will be on display at the Tulsa State Fair next week.

Look what she found under all those pillows...

See you in lovely October. Happy dolling!


Tulsa Mini Maker Faire

Last weekend, TDD participated in the Tulsa MiniMaker Faire.

The idea was to show the various methods of art-doll making, such as cloth and clay.

Our ladies demonstrated stuffing & turning hands, making a wire armature, felting, working with clay. People could see dolls in different stages of construction, learn about the materials we use and ask questions.

We had a good amount of interest from faire-goers and many picked up the flyers about the club.

 The children were fascinated, especially with Shauna's clay dolls. They loved those!

One little boy was scared of them. Another boy wanted to play with the dolls. We got really tickled by a little girl who loved the dolls so much, she was determined to sit down and sew one right then & there!

We had a nice assortment of our club work on display. It was an enjoyable day.

 And, after MUCH frustrated sewing & seam ripping, repeat process...Laurie finished her Cindee Moyer "Princess & the Pea." We hear she's all ready for the next fair - the Tulsa State Fair! Hopefully she'll be coming for the September Show & Tell first.

If you'd like to know more about what a Maker Faire is, click here. If you would like to see pictures of other Maker items, click here.