July Show & Tell

Happy July! Hope you all are having a great summer! We had a wonderful July meeting. "Someone" forgot to bring the door prize but we had a great Show & Tell. 

 Annie brought so many treasures from her collection, we didn't get them all photographed. These are "sawdust dolls". They look very vintage but really are not that old. They're quite heavy!

In the background is a teddy bear Annie made. (Not sure if the African doll was made or purchased.)

This is an older doll from Annie's collection.

Lisa took an online class and made these two adorable ladies. They are gesso-ed and painted. They almost feel like oilcloth. Love the look of them!

Connie's making progress with her Stevie Nick's inspired "Leather & Lace" doll. She just needs boots and a tambourine!

Here is our dazzling Grand Finale! Some finished elves from the Paula McGee workshop.

 Left to right: Doreen's, Jennipher's, Doreen again (reduced pattern), and Nark's.

See you in August!