Retreat News & June Meeting Invitation!

Registration is now open for the
2014 Magical Art Doll Retreat. 
3 days of great teaching by doll artists
Jessica Hamilton & Paula McGee.
May 29-31.
Don't miss it!!

Keep reading! There's more fun coming in June!

It's time for our 2nd Annual Summer Swap & Luncheon!  So much fun! The invitation above is pretty self-explanatory. Please RSVP to cgponcel@gmail.com and I'll send you directions.


April Show & Tell part 2

 Carlyn's "Alice"

 She saw the hat and immediately started thinking "tea party."

Carlyn's clay doll. She's ornery - she jumped out of Carlyn's hands
on the way to the meeting and broke a bit of curl off her skirt.

 Barbara is enjoying sunny Florida, but she still sent
the April door prize. We miss Barbara!

 Our meeting ended with another fabric pillaging session! Woohoo!

April Show & Tell pt 1

 These are vintage dolls from Nark's collection.

One of Nark's first dolls, made many years ago using paperclay. 

 Doreen's Singer (she was supposed to be in the "inspired by music" challenge, 
but gave Doreen some difficulties. *sigh* those tempermental artists.)

Jean's doll & throne