February Meeting part 3

Every month, one of our members volunteers to present a program. It's always time very well spent. TDD is blessed to have talented, experienced, enthusiastic, and generous members!

This month Shirley demonstrated what she learned from doll-artist Diane Keeler's wig class. (Click here to visit her website.)

Doesn't she look like she's in a beauty salon?

And here she is with a head full of hair ready to be beautifully coiffed!

Our meeting closed with another gift from Barbara... Fabric Pillaging!

Be sure to check back in early March to see the library display! Better yet, come by and see it in person. It will be set up at Hardesty Library.


Our February Meeting part 2

Part of our meeting includes a door prize. Our members will sign up to donate a doll or doll-related item. We're always excited to see what's "in the bag!"

Lisa won the door prize - Barbara's interpretation of  "if Queen Elizabeth I was a cat."

She actually brought 3 dolls for the winner to choose from! Lisa chose the Cat Queen and Barbara gave the other 2 dolls away. Doreen had admired this little witch, so she got to take her home.

There was just one little catch... her head still needs to be sewn on, but Doreen can easily handle that!

Sadly (for us), Barbara will be leaving us soon, as she & her husband are retiring to Florida. Jean had a special gift for her...

There's a little story behind this. Barbara had long admired one of Jean's dolls. One time when she was visiting Jean's house (which is a magical wonder with so many enchanting dolls gracing every room) she didn't see her favorite.

Jean is always giving dolls away & thought she must have given her to someone.

But recently, she was cleaning a closet and there was Barbara's favorite! We're sure she'll be much happier in Florida than living in the closet.

There's one more set of pictures to post. Check back!


February Show & Tell part 1

We had a fun, enthusiastic meeting. It was a welcome respite from the winter weather!

There was lively discussion, a great program, fabric pillaging, and of course, Show & Tell!

Some of our members had their musical challenge dolls ready for the library's March display.

Carlyn's cricket is called Moonlight Serenade. She was inspired by a Jack Unruh illustration she saw in a magazine. If you remember, it was this cricket's armature we showed in last month's blog.

Doreen's lovely Geisha was also inspired by music (but I couldn't hear which song or musical; will find out & update).

Connie's musical inspiration was "Stairway to Heaven." Her doll is fashioned a bit after Galadriel, using  a stump doll base and a Cindee Moyer head pattern. You can see more pictures and some info on making the stairs at her blog (click here).

We'll be seeing more dolls for the musical challenge next month. In the meantime, check back for more pictures from this month's meeting.

We'll leave you for now with Doreen's little mischief makers keeping an eye on things.