January Show & Tell

 It's a New Year and new dolls are just waiting to be created!

Laurie has been hard on work creating an action doll inspired by a game she enjoys.

 While most of us didn't understand the game, we loved the color, detail, and movement of this doll!

 That's not a cell phone she's carrying, but some gizmo she uses in her adventures.

 A velvet bag of ice cubes is also part of her weaponry.

 And we go from fantasy ice warriors to angels!

You won't believe what this doll is made of...

A light bulb! Upcycled by covering in strips of old sheet music and decoupaged.

And now for a real switch, we go next to Carlyn's work in progress. Can you guess what this will be?

Jiminy Cricket? Some kind of whimsical cricket. Actually, it looks kinda cool the way it is.

Carlyn is a marionette enthusiast! She has made several herself and they were so charming. It was fun to see them come to life with their movements.

Another work in progress. How many of you doll makers have multiple projects going?

This is one of the apparatus used to animate the marionettes.

For the program, Carlyn brought a video about a master puppeteer, Joseph Cashmore. It was really interesting and enjoyed by all. Click here to visit his website.

Looking forward to February!