October Show & Tell

Welcome to October and the kickoff of wonderful Autumn! Our TDD group has a lot going on even as we all enter "The Busy Season." We had a great display at the Tulsa State Fair with many winning entries. To see pictures, click on the Facebook icon over at the top left.

Also this month we have a fall workshop with Australian artist, Linda Misa. Between sports, family, the fair, workshop pre-work, a spring challenge doll, and the holidays coming up....our monthly meeting Show & Tell was just a teeny bit less than normal. But ALWAYS a great delight to see the Dames' cute creations!

Sweet & Sassy by Nark

Basketball Player by Shirley

Door Prize by Pam

Santas by Carlyn

It seemed appropriate to end this post with Carlyn's Santas coz Christmas is just around the corner! This year sure has whizzed by! See you next month.