More Show & Tell!

Welcome to part 2 of our August Show & Tell.
Doreen brought some interesting characters she met at a recent doll conference.

They were purchased, won, or given as table favors. (I don't remember which was which).

Doreen made the next doll in the workshop (and I think the little peapod baby above, but don't hold me to that...I get busy taking pictures and often miss the presentation).

The attachments on her wrist are to make her arms move, like a marionette.

The dolls "legs" are a stick to hold while moving the arms, so I wasn't able to stand her up for a picture.

 Connie is working on an angel. She's all done but for the wings.

 She's made from a compilation of patterns & inspirations.

For example, the body is a pattern included in one of Patti Culea's books. The arms & hands are from the recent Arley Berryhill "Siren" pattern.

Her coiffure is also inspired from the Siren class. Her outfit is a free-form design from fabric scraps on-hand, as inspired by Sherry Goshon's teaching and her wings will be constructed as per an online tutorial by Jean Bernard!

The meeting wrapped up with a short program given by Annie on how to cover these clear acrylic shoes. We each left with a pair of shoes & a pattern. Our Dames are always so generous with their talents and materials!

See you in September!


TDD August Show & Tell

We have some beautiful & unique dolls to show this month!

Shirley brought a charming felt trio she purchased at an estate sale.

Little Anna continues to grow in her sewing skills! She made this cutie-patootie for a soon-to-be-born little niece.

Laurie brought an extraordinary amigurumi Dr Who with TARDIS that her sister made. Isn't this amazing?!

Nark brought this summer-cheery doll she made in a workshop awhile back (but the teacher & pattern escapes me at the moment).

And Jayne has finished her Siren-Mermaid from our Arley Berryhill workshop!

 She was worth the wait; so pretty and such beautiful beading.

 We have another group to show; check back soon!