Mermaid Workshop Day 2

Here are pictures from the second day of our workshop with Arley Berryhill. You'll see the mermaids in various stages of progress.

 Day 2 was about attaching the tail & fins, sculpting & coloring the face - even adding eyelashes! Some got the hair on their dolls and started embellishing with lace, beads, and all kinds of trims.

We didn't get completely finished but pretty close. We can take our time & keep adding layers of trimmings at our leisure at home.

Here's a group shot with our illustrious teacher. What a fun and creatively relaxing class this was. Everyone had a great time! Thank you, Arley!

Probably by the May meeting we'll have some finished Sirens for Show & Tell.


Mermaid Workshop Day 1

It was a great first day of our annual spring workshop! Arley Berryhill is our instructor and has been an informative teacher, a delightful guest, and inspiring artist.
He's teaching us his pattern, The Siren. We're making the wall version, in green above. He's also just designed a sitting version.
Our pre-work was to sew & stuff the torso, head & arms. Today it was all about
C O L O R! We experimented with inks and in the coming pictures, you'll see what fun we had and what a variety of creations came of it.

 Here are some works-in-progress drying in various stages of assembly. Jack was very clever in creating webbed hands.

 We even dyed an assortment of laces to embellish our Sirens.

This is Arley's demonstration doll, showing us how the inks blend.

 Our gals from Arkansas are hard at work making tails and fins.

Laurie sewing gorgeous fibers for her mermaid's hair.

A peek inside someone's box of embellishments.

Connie couldn't wait to see how the wig was going to look and draped it on the doll head for a preview.

You could say we "dove in head first" to learn how to paint with ink on fabric and make glorious mermaid coifs with a variety of fibers & ribbons!

Tomorrow we sculpt & color the face then get crazy with embellishments.


More Dolls!

A little late, but as promised, here are the rest of the dolls on display at Hardesty Library this month.

And finally, here is the Mermaid that Arley Berryhill will be teaching in our spring workshop. Check back next month & see what we come up with!