November Club Meeting

 Laurie is making a Steampunk project from an online class. It's a very cool car made with everyday items. Can't wait to see the driver!

 Shirley finished her Steampunk Dude from the Oct workshop taught by Stephanie Novatski.
 He's quite dapper!

 Shari brought her finished project from the doll-head exchange.

 Doreen made a little sister for a doll we made a couple years ago in a Dianne Little workshop.

Daria is expanding into jewelry & fabric roses. Gorgeous!

Here are the minutes from our meeting:

Our next class is with Arley Berryhill on April 19 and 20, 2013 at the Tulakogee Lodge north of Wagoner. After the email Laurie sent out to members to chose which doll they wanted, the mermaid and the witch head got the most votes. The members present decided to do the mermaid that uses paint dyes, face coloring, and beading.

The Christmas Party is Saturday, December 8 at 12:00 noon. Pam has graciously offered to host the party…thank you, Pam, and Jean will furnish a door prize…thank you, Jean! If you want to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a doll-related gift. During the Christmas Party, sign up sheets for the door prize and programs for 2013 will be passed around. If you have not signed up to bring food, please contact Pam at 918-492-7021 to tell her what you will bring. Pam’s house is always decorated beautifully for Christmas!

Laurie suggested we have a new challenge due at the March meeting. Make a doll inspired by a piece of art. You can find works of art in the library or on the web. The dolls will be our Hardesty Library display for April. Think "out of the box," and make a wondrous creation.

Connie suggested that for our June 1st meeting, on Saturday, we swap items used by doll makers…fabric, tools, beads, etc. The meeting will be a potluck lunch at Connie’s house at 12:00…thanks you, Connie! So check out your stash and bring items for trading. Good idea, Miss Connie!

MAD (Magical Art Dolls) Conference: The conference will be held Oct 10 – 13, 2013 at the Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa. A Face Book page is being set up, and a blog. Barbara Schoenoff from Illinois, Linda Misa from Australia, and Jessica Hamilton will be our teachers. Barbara will teach a 3-day class, and Linda, and Jessica will teach a 1-day class, and a 2-day class each. Jessica runs the www.dollproject.com and has a Face Book page and a blog. We are excited about these 3 teachers. It was discussed and voted on that the Tulsa Dolling Dames will sponsor MAD by helping, and perhaps a donation of money. Carlyn made the motion, and Doreen seconded and the motion carried.

There was no door prize or program, but we had a wonderful show and tell.