Bring Books Alive!

Here are pictures of our display at Hardesty Library. Laurie did a fabulous job of arranging the dolls & books!

The display takes up both cases.

I tried to get some closeups of each doll. Unfortunately you're seeing these thru the glass but that's ok - the dolls are just so wonderful!

And how they're inspired of the books should make anybody want to read, right?

All but a couple of these were made by TDD artists. The witch below was made by artist & teacher, Diane Little and owned by Barbara K. {I think "Marilyn" may have been made by another artists/teacher, but I'm not sure. Will correct this if I find out.}



August Show&Tell

The heat is on! Our meeting this month was fairly well attended, considering the atrocious weather. We really enjoyed hearing about Doreen's trip to the ADAA conference.

She made this cutie-patootie at ADAA.

And this bit of fluff & whimsy.

And brought back a bunch of goodies to show us!

Carlyn has been doing some mixed media work.

 She decorated old-fashioned cigar boxes which contain a surprise inside.

Aren't these paper & petal dolls pretty? Their limbs move, too.

Jayne's caterpillar was a big hit! You can see him up close at the library display.

Connie brought her finished fairy, which was a work-in-progress last month.

She's also on display at the library and holding a "crystal ball" (not pictured here).

 Barbara D. made the door prize.

(I think this is also her first Show & Tell doll - so exciting!)

This stylish lady was won by Janice, a member who was able to attend for the first time in many months. What a great "welcome back!"

We'll have more pictures from the library display and coming soon, some pictures from the Quilt Show display. In the meantime, if you live in the midwest/southwest - stay cool!


Library Display "Bring Books Alive"

Here's a just a little preview of our August library display, "Bring Books Alive." This was also a club challenge.

We have a few more dolls & books to add (so check back for those & some close up shots). Here's a sampling to tweak your curiousity...

We have characters from Alice in Wonderland & Jane Eyre. And a Dancing Princess!

Great Expectations and books about Fairies.

Mermaids, Unicorns and Cinderella.

More Alice, Fairies, and a sweet little boy named Alexander!

We also had some Show & Tell from our monthly meeting. Lots of pretties to show!