Last of the May Show & Tell

Told you we had lots of wonderful Show & Tell this month! This is the last batch of pictures.

Doreen brought some interesting young ladies (pictured above).

And our three new members from Arkansas made the trip this month! (I was busy taking pictures and missed some of the story...I think this was made in a CIFI workshop???)

The face is beaded and she's clothed in acres of ribbons & fibers.

 This is another beaded-face doll from one of our new members.

Again missed the story on these dolls, but they are very cool.

And finally - the door prize!

Made by Jayne and ever so delightful!

And now it's time to dance on out of here...until our next meeting in June!


More May Show & Tell

As we said, there was lots of Show & Tell this month! Here are a few more wonderful dolls. And this isn't all! More to come.

 Jack brought something he picked up on a recent trip. He didn't make them but they are hand made (Guatamala, I think?)

Carlyn modified a pattern we made a year or so ago in the workshop Angela Jarecki taught.

And Shirley brought some cute dolls she made from a Leslie Molen pattern.

See you soon!


May Show & Tell

It was a lively meeting with three new members to meet and lots of beautiful dolls to see! Let's start with Jean's workshop doll.
She decided not to use the "bird cage" and modified the doll by making a complete body, full length dress and high heeled shoes.
 She is so lovely!

 Her delicate hands, adorned with a bit of lace, carry Jean's trademark hand-beaded purse.
Shari brought some spring "Blossoms" (Barbara Schoenoff pattern).

Barbara made two more dolls from another favorite pattern.
Pretty in Pink!

More to come; check back!



Attended: Connie, Jean, Shari, Jack, Lisa, Jayne, Doreen, Rena, Pam, Carlyn, Laura, Barbara K, Barbara D. Jennepher, Nark, Annie. New Members: Laura, welcomed & thanked, Jennepher, Nark & Annie for coming all the way from Arkansas to attend the meeting. Treasurer's statement: Financial report presented by Pam, Balance at end of April was $657.00 Old Business: June will be the quarterly meeting so we will meet Sat. June 2nd at the Hardesty Library at 1pm. Dues are due for the year and will be $24.00. Please make checks out to Tulsa Dolling Dames. Also, voting for officers during the meeting. Secretary position is open so if you want to put your name in please do. Any position is open but Laura & Pam are willing to continue with another year. June 8-9th is the Quilt Show at the Fairgrounds. Set up is Wed. the 6th. (Time pending. Laura will let us know.) Helpers needed!, Sitters Frid and Sat. 8th and 9th are needed as well. This is one of the major fund raisers for TDD with our pins and a raffle of Jean's doll. Laura will send an e-mail list for times you want to sign up to help. Please bring one or more dolls to add to the Hoffman trunk dolls that will be displayed. If you have any pins made for the fund raiser please bring them. Our July meeting will be held at B-Sew Inn on July 11th (second Wed. of the month) due to the 4th of July holiday on the 1st Wed. July 20th is when the Hoffman Callenge is due. Please see the rules on the Hoffman site. Storybook challenge is due the last of July. This is a club challenge. The storybook which was the inspiration for your doll must accompany the book. The dolls will be put into the Hardesty Library showcase for August 1st. You can give the dolls to Laura or someone else in the doll club anytime before Aug. 1st if you are unable to make it the last of July to the library. Teachers discussed: Leslie Molen, Stephanie Novaski and others. We would like to see other dolls by Sephanie as the teacher in October. Tulsa State Fair: Sept 27th-Oct. 7th is the Fair. Go to the TSF site and go to Competitive exhibits to register. We need everyone to enter, please, please, please. Our dolls are declining in numbers that are being entered and we would like the public to see what we do. Also, there is a crafters corner in the same building where we can demonstrate our art to the public by making dolls and showing how we do it. If you are interested in signing up a list will circulate for times. New Business: Discuss new things for next year. If you are interested in certain teachers let Laura know. Arley Berryhill was mentioned in the Spring. Discussion about having a teacher for a retreat next year so more people would attend and if we still want Western Hills (most people do like Western Hills still). Jack, Nark and others volunteered to check into any other suitable place in their areas. Discuss another club challenge. Think about it! Door Prize: Jayne made a 3 witches genie, which she enlarged and Lisa was the lucky winner. Very cute wall or Christmas tree doll. Show and Tell was lively and will be on the TDD blog. Please look there to see the pictures. Address is below. Next month Mary Ann has the door prize and Barbara K. has the program. Remember this will be at the Hardesty Library! We missed those who were unable to come to the Wed. meeting. Hope you are all well and hope to see you again soon! Shirley Harwell, Sec. TDD http://tulsadollingdames.blogspot.comReply to: Reply to: Bill and Shirley Harwell All Reply to Bill and Shirley Harwell Send