April Show&Tell

Since the workshop took up most of our time recently, there were only a couple of lovelys for regular Show & Tell. Hopefully, in May there will be lots more finished workshop dolls!

We do have a fun challenge coming up this summer called "Bring Books Alive."  We're supposed to make a character from a book and display it with the book in our summer display at the library. That should be fun!
Shirley has a head start. Can you guess what book these are from?

A while back, Daria went through her stash and decided to give away some fabric and unfinished doll projects. Carlyn took her up on it and re-purposed something into this blue belle above.

Barbara made this wall-doll for the April door prize and Jayne won her. Yummy yellows to celebrate spring.

Our May meeting is just around the corner. See you soon!


Another Finished Workshop Doll!

Judith is one of our "out-of-town" members and we were delighted she could come to Tulsa for the workshop.  She emailed us a picture of her finished doll.
She's beautiful! And those colors are fabulous! Great job, Judith.


Spring Workshop

Here we go! A post about our Spring Workshop with the delightful, multi-talented Ms. Sherry Goshon. (click on her name for her website)

Sherry designed a mixed-medium doll just for our workshop. She designs her own face molds and her husband casts them. Isn't it beautiful? This was our inspiration for our own projects. The bar was set high, yes?
We started with making a "bird-cage" from scratch. It was messy and fun!
 The body and arms are cloth, sewn & stuffed. It will rest on top of the cage, which works as her skirt. Keep going, you'll see how it all comes together.
In addition to the plaster stuff, we learned about working with face molds, mod-podge, and illusion costuming.

Take a few measurements, free-hand draw a pattern, cut and sew the sleeves and skirt. The body is covered with mod-podged bits of pretty tissue paper or napkins.
Sherry demonstrated drawing the eyes and painting the face.
We don't want to give all of Sherry's lessons away! You can take her classes at CIFI, her Reno or Iowa Retreats, or perhaps an online class.

At our April meeting, we had three finished dolls visit us for Show & Tell.

 This is Jack's pretty in purple lady.
 Her cage-skirt encases a real plant.
 Pam's little beauty. Her cage-skirt surrounds a lovely flower arrangement with tiny birds.

 Carlyn's pattern printed out a little smaller than it should have, but she went with it!
 Notice the bodice? How carefully she cut around the picture on a napkin for this pretty effect.
 Her imagination took over and she was inspired by the tiny waist of the doll to make her a spider-woman. Love that "Hunger Games" blue hair!
 Connie's doll is called Pandora because inside her cage-skirt is a mysterious box. Of course, she had to open it. Nothing terrible came out. In fact, we shouldn't have been surprised to discover a stash of fabric was hidden in the box!

We had a great time with Sherry and hope to see more of the workshop dolls at our May meeting. But in the next post, we do have some other Show&Tell from April to look at, so check back soon!



Attended: Doreen, Carlyn, Barbara D., Jack, Laura, Lisa, Rena, Shirley, Jean, Barbara K, Jayne, Mary Ann, Connie.

Treasurer's Statement presented by Pam, Net Worth at the conclusion of March was $606.00.

We are happy to have 3 new members from Arkansas, Nark Royer, Annie Osterhout, and Jennepher Marshall.

See Show and Tell pictures when Connie gets them posted to get more information about Sherry Goshon's workshop. I was unable to attend but I know it was a lot of fun especially the side trips to Porter, Fabric Cuts and Connie and Jean's house.

Discussion of June 2st renewals of membership fee was voted on by the group to increase to $24.00. The fee of $12.00 had never been changed in the history of the TDD.

We postponed addressing any compensation to the hostess for having the teacher stay in her home. We will address this again.

The Quilt Show is June 8th and 9th, Frid. and Sat. at the Fairgrounds. We will be setting up on Wed. the 6th and a sign up list will be passed around next meeting for helpers to set up on Wed. and sit at our booth on Friday and Sat. The Hoffman trunk will be there and please bring your other dolls for the display. We will be selling our pins in this booth as well and there will be a money raiser with one of Jean's dolls. There will be a camera crew there and Laura will talk about the dolls.

June's monthly meeting will be on a Sat. the 2nd of June, instead of Wed. & will be at the Hardesty Library instead of B-Sew Inn. This is the quarterly meeting we voted on so working people would be able to attend. It is also the time to nominate officers for the coming year and pay dues.

July 20th is when the Hoffman Challenge dolls are due.

Fiber Arts in Okla. City is June 9th.

Rogers State, Art On The Hill was mentioned by Barbara K. to anyone who might want to enter. Unfortunately I didn't write down the date of this Sale and Show.

We discussed our next teacher and Leslie Molen was one of the teachers suggested, also Julie McCollough. Laura will research and send pictures.

Barbara K. made a wall doll which was very pretty and Jayne won.

Show and Tell was a discussion of the lovely dolls made during the Sherry Goshon workshop.

We missed those who couldn't attend and hope you are all back with us soon.

Jayne has the door prize next month and there is no one down for the program.