We Love Art Dolls!

 We saw some lovely art dolls at our February meeting.
 Shirley brought her creations of Barbara Schoenoff's "Blossoms" pattern.
Sweet and angelic!
 Several of us have made this pattern. It's so easy and can be done in many variations.
Oh, look at this mysterious lady ....
Carlyn is working on another doll from the Steampunk pattern. She makes fabulous corsets.
And boots!
This girl is gonna have spunk!
Daria had this St Nick in the Dec. library display.
But now we can get a good look at what was in his wicker backpack!
Our great lending library. It's such a nice resource, especially for newer dollmakers.
Laurie's program was very well presented in Powerpoint slides as she demonstrated her research methods for costuming and really getting a good feel for her dolls' "look".
Scroll down to the previous post for all the great links she provided!


Links for Research on Costumes:
Good basic starting points:
http://www.wikipedia.org –Wikipedia online encyclopedia
http://www.about.com – good site for finding out “about” things, including great drawing how-to
Other sites I use:
Kyoto Costume Institute -- http://www.kci.or.jp/archives/index_e.html
"Steampunk". Museum of the History of Science, Oxford. http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/steampunk/. "Imagine the technology of today with the aesthetic of Victorian science."
The Costume Pagewww.costumepage.org
Colonial Williamsburg: Milliner – Colonial Williamsburg
 http://www.siue.edu/COSTUMES/history.html  -- The History of Costume by Braun & Schneider, c. 1861-1880
How to draw faces:  www.about.com  --  http://drawsketch.about.com/od/drawingportraits/ss/eyedrawing.htm


FEB. 1, 2012 DD Meeting at the Hardesty Library

Attended: Jack, Jean, Shirley, Maryne,Pam, Doreen, Barbara K, Shari,Carlyn, Daria, Lisa, Laura, Rena, Jayne, Connie, Daria, Barbara D.
Financial Statement, balance $735.00
Old Business: Class workshop: (March)
Discussion of Sherry Goshon's class in March, the 23rd and 24th at the Hartesty Library. Payment to Pam by check or cash of $75.00 for the class. Make out checks to Tulsa Dolling Dames. The kit fee for each person taking the class is $5.00 & will be paid by TDD. Laura will we sending out Sherry's supply list, homework, and body pattern after you have paid for the class. There will be a face mold and some messy work so bring an apron to protect your clothes.
Tulsa Quilt Show at the Fair grounds. (June)
There will be dolls from the Hoffman Trunk there, our pin dolls to sell, and display dolls. We will have two tables and as usual you can volunteer to sit in the booth, set up and tear down. If you would like to volunteer, talk to Jayne or Laura. Dates are June 8th and 9th. We will all add to our pin doll collection by making one pin doll to sell. They were very popular and sold out quickly last time.
Hoffman Challenge due in July
Frankly the Hoffman challenge fabric will be a challenge for a doll. It is time to get your thinking caps on for this challenge. You can find the fabric at The Cotton Patch Woodland Hills.
Storybook Challenge Doll August 1st
The dolls will be displayed at the Hardesty Library with the book about the doll. Bring to Laura at the Hardesty on or before August 1. Use your own imagination but at least make it recognizable as the character in the book.
Leta Benedict will be our teacher for Oct.!
Charity dolls project is getting very little attention. Should we drop doing them?
New Business:
Door prize by Daria and won by Barbara D. The door prize was a treasurer trove of fabric and a cute pin.
Our next door prize will be brought by Barbara Kanter. The next program is by Shirley. (maybe)
Jayne brought the TDD library today and we appreciate her doing that.
We had a really wonderful program today with Laura on Research and Dollmaking. It was a powerpoint discuss how she goes about getting inspiration for her dolls. Some of the places she talked about were online searches on Wikipedia, Kyato costume Institute (digital archives), Costume page.org, Colonial Williamsburg and much more. She would be happy to send you the power point program if you e-mail her.
We were happy to see all of you today. If you were unable to come we hope you will be back next time. Invite someone to come to doll club. We are a fun group and love dolls & friends.