Diane Little completed her Steampunk doll and she's GORGEOUS!!!


More From the November Meeting

Just want to show you a few more goodies from the November meeting! 
 Daria made this beautiful wall hanging from pieces of wool.
 And she's been designing & experimenting making baby boots - not booties. Boots!

Jean made the door prize this month - always a coveted item and it was won by Barbara K.

Mary Ann brought this delightful mixed media opera singer. She even has a microphone (not shown). 

Pam had the program this month and did a great job demonstrating how to make wings. Many of the group had learned this technique together a few years ago but enjoyed the refresher; and the newbies loved it!

She brought some winged creatures to show how the finished results can look. 
Below are the contributions the club members made to an outreach for the women of Afghanistan. A ministry we know is assembling small sewing kits to give them to enable them to use their fine needlework skills to earn income.

 Our Dolling Dames are always generous with their time, knowledge and of course, needles & thread!


November Show & Tell

Want to see some Steampunk Babes? Then join us at our November Show&Tell!
Doreen, Jean, Pam & Shirley all brought finished dolls from our October workshop.
We love seeing the different interpretations of the same pattern. Not all were into heavy metal, but all were gorgeous.


Leather 'n Lace


pretty parasol




Pam made a pet for her girl. It's called a Spunk.


Now this gal is packin'!

Won't nobody mess with this miss!
 November wasn't all gears, keys, and chains. Come back to see what else we brought!


Tulsa Dolling Dames Minutes, Nov. 2, 2011

We met as usual at the B Sew Inn and had our usual fantastic meeting with dolling friends. It's always a highlight to see everyone and hear what has been going with each person, since our last meeting.
It was a cool windy day as fall has arrived. The temperature is 38 degrees this morning.

Attended: Laurie, Daria, Doreen, Jayne, Jean, Pam, Connie, Shirley, Barbara D., Barbara K., Jack, Mary Ann, Rena

Financial Report Treasurer: Pam reported a $1204.00 balance as of 11/1/2011.

What a wonderful class we had with Barbara Schoenoff and the Steampunk doll. Barbara was so much fun and kept it lively. The doll was a challenge and different and new techniques were learned. The first doll is always a learning project. I aways learn more about what not to do next time when I make a doll.

Old Business: Charity Dolls, Hardesty library display, Christmas party, :

Laura discussed charity dolls. It would be excellent if all of us would make at least one to give to Laura or Barbara before the end of the year.

Christmas display for the Hardesty Library will be due Dec. 1st. Take your doll or dolls to Laura at the library and she will be setting up around noon. Christmas theme dolls is the challenge but any dolls are ok.

The Christmas party will be at Jean's, Dec 10th, Sat., at noon. A sign up list was passed around for fingerfood or whatever you want to bring. We will have an exchange of gifts so if you want to participate bring a doll related gift in a anonymous paper bag. If you have finished your steampunk doll or any doll bring it with you to show and tell. If you need directions to Jean's house let Jean know.

New Business:

Sherry Goshon will be teaching in March. Dates are not set yet but probably around the 23rd & 24th. It has not been decided if we need a 3rd half day on Sunday.

Leta will be coming next Oct. Depending on her schedule may be 19th and 20th. She will be teaching the Guardian Doll probably.

Connie requested sewing material for a project with her church. See her e-mail.

Sign Up sheet for next year's door prize and programs was passed around.

Door prize by Jean and the lucky winner! Barbara K. Beautiful doll, Jean!

Show and Tell:
Connie will be posting on the Tulsa Dolling Dames blog soon. There were several finished Steampunk dolls. It's always fun to see each person's interpretation of a doll.

The program:
Pam gave a wonderful program on free machine stitching. She got her inspiration from Clothdolls for Textile artists by Ray Slater. Pam made a gorgeous doll using this technique. Thanks Pam, wonderful class.

We will not be meeting in December at B Sew Inn. We will have our party Dec. 10th at Jean's house in Sand Springs. Hope to see you there!

We missed those who could not be with us for various reasons. Hope to see you back soon.

Shirley Harwell, secretary



Fall Workshop with Barbara Schoenoff

We had a really fun workshop in October with Barbara Schoenoff teaching us her new Steampunk doll, Anneal. Workshop preparation is as much fun as making the doll. There's the choosing of fabric...
and embellishments (which in this case would be gears, watch pieces, and assorted industrial tools our Steampunk Babe might need to do her job.)
hair material...
and the various tools a doll maker needs.
Then comes the cutting, sewing and stuffing...
and our lady begins to take shape.
Barbara patiently walked us through the face sculpting and painting and beautiful faces were the result.

We learned a new method of giving the doll a shapely torso.  
And then the dressing began! 

 It's so fun to see all the unique interpretations of one design!

Jack made a brilliant discovery at the local HbyLby...shoes in the Christmas decorations department that fit like a Cinderella slipper!
 Jack's doll is packin' some serious hardware. All custom designed and handmade of course.
This reminded us of the scene in The Wizard of Oz where the house fell on the wicked witch, exposing only her feet, except in this case it looked like a sewing machine fell on our lady. But no worries, soon you will see her standing in all her Steampunk glory!
At our November club meeting, some finished dolls were brought for Show & Tell. You'll see them in the next post!