Report from the Fair Table, October 7

We met some nice people and had some interesting converstions about Dolls and Dollmaking at the fair. It was a pleasant way to spend some time promoting Dollmaking and the TDD. Here are some pictures.

Jean's sign looked great and we gave out some fliers.

Doreen and Jack had their pictures taken several times by visitors!

Surprisingly, quite a few asked the Dolls names,

even more took pictures.


Show and Tell / October Meeting

The Door Prize, made by Pam, won by Julie.

"Street Fair," made by Jayne, from a Cindy Moyer pattern.

The Club Poster, made by Jean.

Shirley's Pin Cushion Dolls, from a pattern by Jill Maas

An old Whimsey "Chair in a Bottle" and Jack's version under construction.

October 4, 2011, Meeting B-Sew Inn


Attended by: Jack, Rena, Laurie, Barbara D. Barbara K. Pam, Shirley, Doreen, Jayne, Jean, Shari, Julie, Laurie, Mary Ann.
Visitor, Susan Champion.

Treasurer's report: $1657. Laurie turned over treasurer position to Pam Hurd.

Old business:
Tulsa State Fair: the artist village was in the Central Park Hall. This was the first year and some of our members volunteered and were there to demonstrate how to make cloth art dolls on the first week end.
Pick up time for entry dolls will be on Monday Oct. 10th, 7:30 am to 1:00 pm.
Art on Main in Jenks is this Saturday. Set up is at 9am and it opens at 10 am until 6pm. If you have something to sell or want to sit bring a chair, something to drink and or eat. This will be a fund raiser for the TDD also. We will sell our pins. The club is paying $25.00 for the booth. If you would like you can donate a portion of your sales also. Hope the rain will hold off for those hours.

Leta Benedict's class was called off due to Leta's family problems at this time. Hoping to reschedule next year possibly in Oct.

Shari Goshon will be teaching March 23rd to 24th 2012.

The Hardesty Library display will be Dec. 1st with a holiday theme. Shari suggested we put the pattern beside the dolls we have made for the Library display and I will bring designer cloth doll books like Patty Culea.....Take the dolls on the 1st of Dec. to Laurie and she will put them in the cases.

We voted to have the Holiday Christmas party at Jean's this year, December 10th, Saturday at noon.
More on this later.

Now for some really good news. Even though Leta won't be coming we have arranged for Barbara Schoenoff to come Oct. 21-22 for a workshop. (the week after when Leta was coming) She has 15 new patterns. She is a fantastic doll designer and a wonderful teacher. She will be teaching Steampunk doll she has recently designed. Barbara will be contacting her and getting the patterns e-mailed or at least the supply list and what we need to get started.

Please contact Pam who is our new treasurer, Barbara, or Laurie if you want your money back from Leta's class, or you can roll it over to Barbara's class or hold it for a future class. The cost of Barbara's class is the same as Leta's was, $60.
Laurie, searchn4sophia@yahoo.com, Pam Hurd, Pam.hurd@att.net, Barbara Kanter, bkanter@cox.net
Laurie wants a confirmation from those who will be taking this class

Show and tell was really very good and the pictures will be on Tulsa Dolling Dames blog and also Facebook.

The Door Prize was made by Pam and Julie Downs won. She had never won before so she was very happy with her beautiful doll.

Next month, Jean has the door prize and Pam has the program

Barbara gave us a program on pin dolls and had many suggestions about where we could find patterns. She showed several of her pin dolls and all this was to encourage us to come up with ideas for pin doll to sell at the quilt show next year as a fund raiser. One idea was for each of us to make a few and have a selection of different pin dolls this year. It would give us more time if we started thinking about it now.

We missed those who could not be with us this time and hope to see you at the next meeting.

TDD Secretary
Shirley Harwell