JCEagle's Studio

My Studio reflects my interests, which are all over the place. Currently, my computer room and sewing room are combined, which is good as most of the work on my dolls requires programming the sewing machine. The pictures below show a somewhat organized room, which is not the norm. Behind the doors at the end of the room hide all the material and other sewing supplies, which sneak out when I am making something.

There is also my shop which is where I make the settings for my dolls, among other things. The pictures below show the workspace, but there are doors that lead to the storage areas where all the "junk" is hiding that goes along with my woodworking endevors.

ps - Mr Spitz, the cat, often visits my shop to snoop around. This is my first online post!


September Show & Tell

Just a quick sampling of this month's Show & Tell.
Doreen made this cutie for the door prize & Carlyn won her.Shirley gave us a great report of her trip to NIADA and brought some goodies to show us.
Click on the Facebook link to see more.

This was Shirley's entry in the Hoffman Challenge.
Very clever how she used a printer and fabric transfer to print the faces in the window.

Our newest member, Lisa, has already tried her hand at paperclay.

MaryAnn's felted menagerie is always a treat to see!
Pam always dazzles with her petal dolls. This one is looking forward to the holidays.I may have missed some dolls this month (had to rush back to work).Now we're looking forward to our October workshop with Leta Benedict! Be sure and check back to see the results!



Minutes September 7th, 2011

Attended by: Carlyn, Jack, Shirley, Pam, Lisa, Jean, Doreen, Barbara D., Shari, Laurie, Jayne, Dari, Maryne, Connie, Mary Ann,

Call to order, Laurie

Treasurer's report: Not available

Old business:
Tulsa State Fair: The dates for the fair are, Sept 29th until Oct 9th. There has been an extention to registering online until midnight on Sept 9th.
Also, a letter will be sent to you confirming your registration. They are mailing them on Monday. Bring this confirmation with you when you bring in your dolls.
Take your dolls to Central Park Hall, (same building as last year).
Also we will have a booth at the fair for the first time. Dates & times for our booth at Central Park Hall during the fair for the people who volunteered to sit and show how we make our dolls are Oct. 1st 10-2pm and Sun, Oct 2nd 12-4pm and Frid. Oct 7th 2-8pm. Talk to Laurie if you want to volunteer for a time yourself.

Art on Main, Jenks:
Oct 8th, Sat. 10-6pm This is where we will sell our pin dolls for a fund raiser for the club. You can talk to Laurie or Jayne if you want to sit and if you want to sell some of your own work.

Charity Dolls:
We still need people to make charity dolls. Recently Barbara took some to a shelter. This is a very good thing.

Leta Benedict's class is Oct 14th and 15th at 9am. The doll is stunning and the fee is $60.00 with a $35.00 kit fee. The pattern and supply list will be sent to Jean soon, see her recent e-mail... If you are mailing a check make it out to Tulsa Dolling Dames. You have until the next meeting to pay. (Oct. 5) Jean is ordering 20 gourds for the class which will need to be cleaned and cut. Jack is going to help out with the cutting. Jack is going to make some bases also so discuss this with him if you want one.

Voting for 2012 teachers.
We discussed 3 teachers for a 2 day workshop next year, one in March and one in Oct. Sherry Goshon, Leslie Molen and Nancy Gawron. Sherry was voted to do our workshop in March.
Laurie sent emails for each teachers site so you could decide who you would like to have come. We have yet to decide on October's teacher so if you would like to choose who you want to teach please visit their sites again and we will vote next meeting who we want for Oct.

Voted for Pam to be our Treasurer:
Barbara has had some health problems and has resigned as treasurer. Take it a bit easier Barbara. We know you put a lot into the club as it is.

Jayne brought the library today. Daria brought give aways.

Door Prize was made by Doreen and won by Carlyn. It was a darling little doll. Carlyn says she is a "first time winner"!

Carlyn gave a wonderful program on making a paper clay mask over a styroform ball. It was quite a interesting way of doing a face and she made it pretty fast. Thanks Carlyn you did a great job.

December we will have a holiday display at the Hardesty Library.