April Dolling Dames Monthly Meeting

Soon the stage will be lighted with Led lights by Jack. These are by Shirley

Carlyn's technique was what?

Quite a unique project....very interesting...I like the end result. Looked difficut but Carlyn did it!!! Paper and clay..

Jayne's Mummy

This is Mummy Dearest and it the gauze was rusted very quickly by wetting it with vinegar and putting it in a plastic bag with steel wool...great trick

April Meeting

Tilt your head a bit for this darling marionette made by Carlyn....Sorry don't know why it's sideways.

April monthly meeting

Look what showed up! Doreen's mischievious elves

April Monthly Meeting Tulsa Dolling Dames

Here are Daria's dolls that visited us today in our monthly meeting. Aren't they wonderful!