November Show & Tell

Welcome back to our November Show & Tell. In a previous post, I mentioned that Cindee Moyer's doll faces have a "signature look." I think our TDD dollmakers have their own unique, signature style, too! Shauna's signature is her clay sculptures. And check this out ~ her studio was shown in an article in this magazine. Congratulations, Shauna!Pat's sunny creatures make me think of summer on this cold November day!Guess what? They're made of paper bags! How cool is that?Vicky's dolls always look so sweet.
Doreen's Princess. Doreen's dolls always look like they're about to get into mischief :):)Maryne's doll - I think she's creating a "Sweet 'n Sassy Series!" We also had a Show & Tell Surprise: Daria got in the mood to clean out her stash & gave away some fabric and unfinished dolls. Be careful with that, Daria - when you sew (sow), you reap!And then we have Nemo. He needs to find his maker because I missed hearing who brought this adorable little fish!


November Club Meeting

Welcome back! It's time to get pictures up from our November meeting before December arrives. (Computer upgrades & the dailyness of life can really interfere with fun sometimes!) Naturally one of the features of November's Show & Tell were the finished Raven dolls.
They all turned out so beautifully.
It's fun to see the different interpretations of the same design. (hint: you'll be seeing this concept again in the December blog when we show the results of "The Gentleman" Challenge) There were many other non-Raven delights at Show & Tell, plus pictures of the program. Check back!


"The Raven" Workshop

It's good to be back online! We can finally show you some pictures from our October workshop with artist Cindee Moyer. She was a delightful teacher and everyone really enjoyed the 2-day workshop. We made her design, called "The Raven." Here is the flock. In these pictures, they were pretty much finished. Just a few details were left to be completed at home. The sign was made by the daughter of one of our club members, who was a great little assistant! The rest of us were wishing we had one :)
The doll was a fairly easy pattern. She sits atop a straw nest (no legs to sew & stuff) surrounded by black feathers, her tulle skirts fluffing out around her.
Cindee's dolls all have lovely, delicate features.Raven's head is wrapped in black trim topped with angelina fibers & a black "hackle plate" (a feathery embellishment shaped in a half circle, can be found at craft stores) & she has shoulder epaulets of feathers left over from the nest.She's holding a glittery mask & a copy of Poe's "The Raven" (what else?)
It's so fun to see many different renderings of the same pattern!

Click here to check out Cindee's website, see her wonderful dolls, or purchase patterns.



Baby dolls, Barbies, & Raggedy Anns are all wonderful and important pieces in the world of dolls. But art dolls have a special place in our hearts. Our TDD members have brought the art of the doll to the heart of the art hangouts. In addition to a delightful display at the public library recently, some of our members took their dolls to Main Street. Literally! "Art on Main" was held in Jenks, OK on a pretty fall day and our art dolls were there in all their glory.
And so were our Dames!
Another beauty that saw the inside of an art gallery is this enticing mermaid by Joyce S. She was displayed & sold at Pearl Gallery (3rd & Peoria, Tulsa). Titled "Current Dreams" Joyce made her from muslin and then painted with acrylics. Her hair is string, styled with fabric stiffener. Her tail is is made from three layers of sheer fabric, overpainted with glitter glue. The base was custom made by a supportive & understanding husband. (What would we do without them?) Beautiful doll, Joyce!


Hello from TDD!

We are experiencing technical difficulties here at the TDD Blog. Please check back (next week?) for pictures & info about our workshop with Cindee Moyer and our November meeting. In the meantime, click here to enjoy some pictures from our new archive on Picasa!