Hats, Hats, Hats!

Every month, one of our talented club members presents a short program on some aspect of doll-making. We've had beading, working with moulds, making tissue wings, using tools and more. Everyone has something to share and that's the beauty of TDD - so many creative people and so generous with their knowledge and materials.In June, Carlyn presented a great little program on hat-making. And wasn't it just clever of her to wear something special for the presentation? She brought several different styles for us to see. And instructions and some materials to take home. A special bonus was seeing so many of her wonderful dolls.All modeling her cute hats, of course! Thank you, Carlyn!


More June Show & Tell

We were excited to see another completed workshop fairy. This is from Shari.This doll was really fun for everyone to make; she certainly challenged us and we're thrilled every time one comes to a meeting! Just gotta love those striped stockings!!Shirley's sweet fairy also paid us a visit. Shirley tried something different for the hair. Angela Jarecki encouraged us to not copy but make the pattern our own expression. Such pretty shoes to match her skirt. Speaking of Shirley...
She also won the door prize this month!Thank you, Susi, for contributing this adorable little doll.
Next post will feature Carlyn's program on making hats!


Back to the Show (& Tell)

After that delightful pause at the quilt show, we now return to our June meeting Show & Tell. Let's open with our Grande Dame's (Jean) completed workshop fairy! Jean's dolls always have exquisite detailing. Again, it's wonderful to see so much creativity, so many variations from one pattern. Jean chose to make her wings from organza. They go so perfectly with the rest of the costuming.
And what little game is afoot here? Or are these a wood elf's version of fuzzy slippers?
The "slippers" are being worn by a beautiful lady made by beautiful Jayne.Jayne also brought back a doll from a CIFI workshop. Kind of a mixed media creation of artists paper, fiber, fabric & paint.Is this not a gorgeous mixture of artistic medium? She's so elegant.A bustle of velvet & beading and closeup shot of the rich colors. Be sure to check back. There's more to see!


Showin' Off at the Quilt Show

Presiding over this wonderful display of art dolls from all over the nation was a very stately gentleman doll...aptly named "The Gentleman." This gorgeously costumed doll was made by our esteemed Jean as a raffle prize. This is also the pattern the club is using for our December challenge.And now on to the Dolls!The trunk was full of wondrous beaded & bangled creatures of all shapes and sizes.Each one incorporated the same fabric chosen by the Hoffman company. It's amazing to see how many different ways people can use the same fabric pattern and color and yet each doll is unique.Two of our club members' dolls were also chosen to 'travel' and came in the B trunk. This is Shari's. And this is Daria's. We also had many of our own dolls on display to introduce the public to the art of doll making, whether it be soft-sculpt cloth, cloth over clay, or even specialty paper. These are some Hoffman entries & winners from last year's challenge made by our own club members.Here are some Dolling Dames Dolls that were on display.Barbara's bride entered the CIFI "crazy desserts challenge" with Miss Strawberry Trifle and also came home with a blue ribbon in her category. Why the shotgun? Because "She'll do Anything for a Piece of Wedding Cake!" Congratulations Barbara!Also on display were some dolls made by well known artists and purchased by our members. For example, the little Girl Scout in the picture below.And this adorable "Strawberry Moose."More dolls made by our club members. Isn't this a smoldering couple? They are Sherril's Pas de Deaux dolls from last year's workshop with Barbara Schoenoff.Definately ready to tango, wouldn't you say?Pictures don't do justice to this little fairy on the swing. The whole tree was a riot of colorful cloth strips and there's another fairy sitting higher in the branches. Daria's dashing Zorro from last year's club color challenge.Are you wondering who won the dapper Gentleman?

Here's a clue: Doreen's little Pixie looks awfully happy!