May Show&Tell Grand Finale

Welcome to the Grand Finale of our May Show&Tell posts! We'll start out with a riot of color from Vicki's Jester, made from a Virginia Robertson pattern. You know the saying, "2 (or 3, maybe 4) heads are better than 1". Well, Vicki had some extra heads from making her Hoffman doll, so she just whipped up something sweet!La Streisand, yes? While there may be a similarity, this is actually Vicki's Snow Angel, from a Leta Benedict pattern.(I just couldn't resist giving her a heavenly atmosphere via a bit of Photoshop)The door prize drawing is something we all look forward to at our meeting. In January, we choose a month to bring a door prize and/or present a program. The prizes are highly coveted, even sight unseen, because we know it will be something wonderful! Brenda brought this little clown & Shari won!
Shirley presented a great program on making molds. Thank you, Shirley!Time to wrap up and we're going to sign off with something a little more traditional from our club president...A Teddy Bear! Jack found these 'stuff a bear' kits at a discount store. He passed on the joy of making-it-yourself by buying several and letting the little ones in his family have a make & take party. Encouraging creativity - what a great gift to children!
That's our online display for May. Be sure to check back next month; I bet there will be more finished workshop fairies! And stop by our booth at the quilt show to see the dolls in "real life."


More May Show&Tell

We have more fabric delights to show! Maryne brought this sweetheart to meet us.
This cutie is made from a Colleen Babcock pattern.
I wonder if wearing a clock on my skirt would improve my habit of just-barely-arriving-on-time?
Another finished workshop fairy! Pam's work always elicits much ooooo-ing & aaaah-ing.Notice the burnt-edging on her coller? That was not in the pattern. There was some burnt edging but Pam added more. She said she discovered a previously unknown fondness for burning things. Hmmm, can doll-making lead to pyromania?

We have several more dolls to show. Please check back!


May Show&Tell

Oh my goodness, did the Dames ever ramp up the whimsy factor this month! You are going to love the dolls you'll see here over the next couple of posts. I assumed everyone would be too busy finishing their workshop fairies to make anything else this month, but now I wonder if these ladies ever sleep! What do you think this purple confection is saying? Whatever it is, she looks so joyful and carefree! Jayne created her at Magic, Mischief & Mayhem. (Barbara & Jayne went together; I wonder if the workshop was 'magic' and they brought the mischief & mayhem, hmmm?)

This is Jayne's tassle doll. The litle vixen wouldn't hold still long enough to get a good picture!
Here we go.Quick, before she's off again!
Bibbity Bobbity Boo!This is one fairy godmother you probably don't want to mess with.Joyce made her from an Allison Morano pattern. Whimsy Factor = 10!
This is Joyce's flower child, from a modified Patti Culea pattern.
A completed workshop Fairy!!Carlyn not only finished this one, she has another one started! Way to rock, Carlyn!Barbara brought two dolls that were her own original patterns & clothing designs. We have such amazingly talented people in the club! This is called "It is Never Polite to Ask a Lady Her Age" She is a yellow "cake" with chocolate icing & is wearing a cake hat complete with birthday candle. Happy Birthday!Speaking of cake, this little lady is called "She Will Do Anything for a Piece of Wedding Cake." She has a bouquet in one hand & a rifle in the other. Just waiting for Mr. Right!You saw previews of Laurie's doll last month. We were so excited to see her and hear the rest of her story! We found out she's "Not a Doll to be Triffled With." Why? Because she is entering the CIFI challenge. The theme is desserts, so she's going as a strawberry chocolate trifle. Laurie used the Barbara Schoenoff Pas de Deux pattern to make her.Can you imagine a whole challenge based on dessert dolls?? Talk about eye candy!