Spring Workshop - Doll Display

As previously mentioned, Angela asked the class to bring some of our work for her to see. We always enjoy seeing the talent of our TDD members!

Here is Jack's "aqua man".In the background are some of Connie's hand-dyed & painted silks. I wonder if he's met Pam's mermaid?
Beautiful detailing!
Jayne's mermaid beauty must have Brenda's jester tongue-tied. . Don't you just love Jayne's Vacation Guy?Shirley's Izannah Walker dolls. They even have little dolls of their own.
Jean's lovely ladies.
Maryne's Morris & Henrietta. Morris was made at a previous workshop. Maryne created Henrietta in an online class. She's so elaborate!
Carlyn's flying dutchboy shoe!
Carlyn's fairy queen hitching a ride with the aqua man. She probably mesmerized him with her dazzling rhinestone eyes!
This is Carlyn's storybook doll.
Laurie's Valentine doll. She was a cheery face at the library checkout desk in February!Laurie's 'work in progress' another Pas de Deux doll.
She's going to be lovely!
We're so looking forward to seeing the finished Fairy Dolls. Hopefully some of us will have something to show at the May meeting. See you then!


Spring Workshop cont.

Just have a few pictures from Day 2 & 3. We got so busy really working on those dolls! And we found an interesting use for large sized ladies cotton underwear..

This is Angela's piece, ready to cover.Here she is demonstrating covering the head with fabric, then ironing out the wrinkles. We all agreed - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just iron away our own wrinkles?Face is nice & smooth. Time for some makeup.Fairy wings! This was a fun technique to learn.These three days were jam-packed with information. None of us finished our dolls by the end of class. You'll have to come back after the May meeting to see some beautiful fairies. However, Angela asked us to bring some of our other work in for her to see. So over the next day or so, we'll be posting those.
Come back!


Spring Workshop - continued

Welcome back to our Spring Workshop adventure. We're still on Day One! We learned a lot in just the first day. Now we're about to build the armature. Tools of the trade.
Busy hands.After the wire is bent into shape it's covered with felt and more paperclay. This end of the table was always very quiet...
Selecting a pose.
Oo la la!
Daria's doll must have dropped something.
Peek a boo!


Spring Workshop

We just finished the most MAH-va-lous spring workshop with Angela Jarecki! It was challenging, informative, intense, FUN...everything we could ask for.
Angela is a delightful teacher and her work is inspiring. Our objective was to learn how to make an armature based, fabric-over-paper-clay, fairy based on her doll, "Reluctance." Day One. Class begins promptly at 9:00 AM. (on time? - something we're not used to in these parts!) First step - compress a styrofoam egg. Piece o' cake.

Step two: cover with paper clay. OK, we can do this.
9:30 AM. hmmmm. Can we really do this?
9:45 AM. uh... maybe we're in over our heads. Just kidding. We began adding features. Angela guided & encouraged every step of the way.
It's an amazing process to push & prod lumps of clay and see it gradually become a fairy face!
While the face dried, it was time to begin building the armature. Check back tomorrow to see how that went!


Laundry Day

Carlyn made this charming tableau for a silent auction to raise money for a Girls Club in Uganda. The little girl is hanging her best dress and petticoats on the laundry line to dry. Oops! It must have been her only dress!
Connie finished her "Work in Progress" just in time for the April meeting. Connie tried her hand at combining patterns for the first time. It's a Patti Culea pattern using the torso from the Diane Little doll we did at the workshop (enlarged a little). Her little tank top is made from hand-dyed silk from a previous hobby-attempt.
Can she see the future in that glass ball?