Work in Progress

It seems like a long stretch between our last meeting & the next and I'm ready for some new pictures here! This is my Patti Culea-Dianne Little hybrid. Hope to have her ready by our April meeting. I'm just making up the costume as I go (and I'm going s.l.o.w.) Anyone else have a work in progress they want to post, please do! ~connie


Play Day at Jean's

Recently some of us 'rookies' got to spend a Saturday morning in Jean's Magic Sewing Room.Well, it's not exactly magic, but being surrounded with her fantastical dolls is like being in Wonderland!No fairy wands were waved. She worked with us on some basic techniques the old fashioned way: practicing drawing faces first on paper, then on a stuffed head, showed us how to make hair, answered questions & gave advice. What a blessing she is to the Club!We also got to see a near-finished version of The Gentleman that she's been working on. He has the sweetest face!Such pretty fabric makes up his little ensemble.The Gentleman is also a club challenge for anyone who wants to participate. We gave ourselves a long-range goal (our Christmas party) so we can enjoy working on him at a leisurely pace and have time for a couple workshops this year, personal projects, a club project or two.Shari has started working on hers and brought some fabric to show us.
It will be so fun to see what everyone comes up with by December!


March Show&Tell

Happy March, Everyone! Our monthly meeting was quite busy what with old business, new business, working on pin dolls, and all 'round enjoying being together. Throw a little birthday celebration for Jayne in the mix, then top it off with show & tell...well, as you can imagine, it was a fun meeting - as always! You would never guess by these pictures that Vicki is somewhat new to doll making!
This is Doreen's firey red-head. A perfect show&tell as we head into St. Patrick's Day! Matching parasol for our Irish lass. Shari finished her Pas de Deux! Doesn't her pose make you want to say, "Ta DA!" Her beautiful hair is made from a fancy looped ribbon trim.
This is Laura's doll, made from the Diane Little clown pattern. The yellow is soooo cheery, especially with all the overcast days we've had. So much sunshine in such a little doll!
Shirley brought her wonderful Izannah Walker doll, one finished and one a work in progress. With all the partying and sharing, I didn't get a good picture of them. Please click here to see them on Shirley's blog.
And last but not least, the Door Prize, made this month by Maryne and won by (lucky) Jack. We think Maryne designed this pattern (?) I so regret not getting a good picture of this doll as she is absolutely delightful!
Look at those curves! Can anyone say..."Baby got back!"