Our December meeting took the form of a holiday party at Jean's "Magical House of Dolls" (or at least that's what it seems like to me!). Thank you, Jean (and your little elves) for opening your wonderful home to the TDD. We had so much fun talking, laughing, eating, exchanging gifts, eating some more, and of course, admiring the talent of our club. Everyone brought their finished Diane Little doll and whatever else they've been working on the last few weeks. Barbara called this her 'unfinished year' and brought a couple of her works in progress. Here is the grouping of DL dolls.Talk about Fashionistas!
This must be what Chicago or NYC looked like in the 40's as the Ladies Who Lunch set went Christmas shopping. Next up: a collection of candlestick dolls from Jayne's class.

More Party Guests

These lovely Candlestick Ladies were also guests at the December party! Jayne taught a class a few months ago and katy-bar-the-door, did people ever get busy making these. Aren't they pretty?! In the picture above, Snow White's Nemesis, (the lady in black on the left) is Barbara's from her Arley Berryhill class. From Barbara's Unfinished Year collection, is a Queen Anne doll (front left) which she lovingly gave away to someone willing to finish the hair :)
The Ice Empress also joined the party (in the middle, picture above).
And The Butterfly McQueen (Laurie's, I think) graced us with her presence, also.

December Challenge

Did you know Barbie turned 50 this year! Yes, indeed, she did. So Jack issued a "Barbie Challenge" to celebrate.
The contestants were brought to the December party and displayed before a panel of impartial judges (designated by their specially designed pink embroidered judges ribbons.)

But you're going to have to check back to see the winner! Because, ahem, someone's camera battery died while taking the winners pictures! Good thing other people brought theirs. As soon as they're received, the winner will be revealed.