Lady in Red

Connie's "Diane Little Workshop" doll. Finally finished - at least as much as I'm going to do, because I want to Move On to something else. What can I call her but Lady in Red? She started out in a black evening outfit but that didn't go with the accessories we were making (this was supposed to be a high fashion art deco doll!)I messed up the heels of the shoes and then the placement of the holes on the base, so I have her walking through snow (although it looks like bath bubbles or clouds here.)

Finishing up at home, I got to the hair, then realized...I've never learned how to do hair! The first 2 dolls I made had white netting for their hair as part of their costume, instructions included. Oops! Don't ask me or look too close at how I did Lady's hair. :)My favorite thing about this doll: learning how to make such tiny, gloved hands. I also love the body of this doll and may do another one in an evening gown. Still so much to learn, but I have great teachers in Tulsa Dolling Dames!


Little Beauties

These are some dolls brought to our workshop for display.


Diane Little's class

OHH, aren't they cute!
Shirley with her doll

Diane and Maryne

We can see you!!

Check out that body!

You go girl!!


Diane Little's Class, Susie Q

What an amazing class and soooo much fun. Diane was a great teacher and I learned a lot. She has tricks up her sleeve....Seriously we all had a grand time. Here is my doll. I am naming her Susie Q.....




November "Fun"Shop

It really wasn't a 'workshop' because it was waaay too much fun to be work!Our weekend with doll artist, Diane Little, was a wonderful success. We learned so much from this petite dynamo. Drawing & shading lovely faces, how to make tiny hands and thumbs, then paint them to look elegantly gloved in leather. Diane gave us many good tips & tricks and always repeated her motto: Keep it Simple! This is the doll pattern she taught us. It was exciting to see everyone's fashionable interpretation as they designed their outfit. Paris has nothing on the Tulsa Dolling Dames, that's for sure. (I hope Maryne posts all the pictures she took of each doll) People who had made dolls from Diane's other patterns brought them to show her.
The library where the FunShop was held was full of color & creativity this weekend. They were painting a wall mural right outside our room!
Anyone else who took pictures this weekend, please post them!!


More Pictures from Wed. Meeting


We had a large energetic and happy group at the Nov. 4th meeting at B Sew Inn yesterday. The dolls who were on display were a mix of Hoffman dolls returned from their travels, Fair Dolls, and newly made. They are just beautiful!