Trick or Treat?

Halloween is less than two weeks away.
Pam has just the doll for the occasion!
How could you not give treats to this little sweetie?


Candlestick Dolls

Jayne's class on making candlestick dolls has produced some lovely results...and a new member of TDD! Welcome to Vicki and thank you for sharing these beautiful dolls at the October meeting.

And here is Jean's candlestick doll.


October Show & Tell: Traveling Through Time

Today we're presenting two very lovely ladies from very different time periods.

Here is Doreen's Rose Red. Her costume really reflects her name. Such a rich color! It sets off her striking black hair. Rose is a Barbara Schoenoff pattern. A beautiful Fair Maiden, to be sure!

And here is the doll we'll be making in our November workshop, taught by Diane Little.
Medieval, Art Deco and everything in between...art dolls are such a joy!


More October Show & Tell

Jack brought his '08 Hoffman entry. Apparently, Scooter came home from his yearlong journey a little bruised and in need of some TLC.
Jack fixed him right up, though.Maybe he should've had that pillow on his noggin instead of his bottom!

A Hobbit doll!! Susie made a Hobbit doll!
Complete with adorable pointy ears.
And big, furry Hobbit feet!
She is definately the Belle of The Shire!


Pretty Maids All in a Row

(starting off with Pam's dolls, because I couldn't wait to use that title!)
Our October meeting was lively, as always, with club business, talking about the November workshop, the December Barbie Challenge, door prize drawing, and our favorite thing: Show & Tell!
Pam brought a basketful of exquisite flower fairies. Oh what eye candy they are!!
So much detail in their costuming. Their hats would be the envy of any FairyLand Ascot. The shoes - more beautiful than Milano's.
Pam used a Patti Culea pattern and made some adaptations. Their garments are made from flowers she bought on sale at the local craft store. They were taken apart & applied individually, layer upon layer. The hats are also styled from flower petals with feather & ribbon embellishment. The shoes are leaves. What else would a proper fairy maiden dress in?! Tied at the back of the waist were gorgeous satin or velvet bows.


Renaissance Faire

Our doll club had the opportunity to share about the art of doll-making at the local library's Renaissance Faire, October 3. Some of our members displayed dolls that were in keeping with the Faire's theme.
The question most asked was "how long does it take to make one of these?"
(Pam, Brenda, Laurie)
Everyone had a good time. Many thanks to Laurie for arranging this exposure for our club.