Trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. to NIADA

It was so amazing to go to NIADA and meet all the amazing doll artist. I took 4 days of classes and another day of demostrations. 5 days of doll inspiration was heaven. I took Leslie Molen's class on Tues and Wed, Li Hua, Delicate Pearl Blossom. Leslie was a wonderful teacher and is very knowledge about the asian dolls. Here is my Delicate Pearl and she was fun to make. Her hair is horsehair and she has glastic eyes and color was added in chalk. She is wired and free standing.


A Rose by Any Other Name...

...surely could not be as sweet as Shirley's "Rose Red."She is made from a Barbara Schoenoff pattern, reduced to 90%.
A fairer princess in the land there ne'er was.
Shirley gave us a tip on achieving this hairstyle. Buy some Halloween wigs now that they're showing up in the stores. Wash & let it dry. Don't handle too much. Snip from the cap what you need and voila! Locks that Rapunzel would envy.
What would Rose Red carry in her basket?
A fair maiden must have shoes that coordinate with her outfit.
And a beautiful train.

Our September Show & Tell was wonderful. There's more to come!


There & Back Again

After a year on tour, Barbara's Hoffman Challenge doll has returned home. She placed 3rd in the 2008 challenge, went on the show circuit, and arrived back in Tulsa recently looking as lovely as when she left. Her costume was exquisite in both design and beadwork.
It's easy to see that Barbara is also a quilter!
Welcome home, lovely lady. You did us proud!


Barbara's Bewitching Beauties

Daah-lings, you are being beckoned to view some bewitching beauties by Barbara.This is a candlestick doll from her class with Arley Berryhill.

Arley stressed posture and expression.I wish we could have posed her against a different background. In leiu of that, I couldn't resist doing some Photoshop magic with her.

Fall is just around the corner. Time to get out the Halloween costumes! This cute little orange witch is another of Barbara's Beauties.

Next: a Hoffman winner returns home.


Candlestick Dolls

A few weeks ago, Jayne taught a class on how to make candlestick dolls and turbans. Here are some lovely results:This is Laurie's statuesque lady.
This is Shirley's:
Shirley very cleverly used a unique metal lampshade, turned upside down, for a skirt effect.


September Sweets from TDD

Our club members stay busy, busy creating all sorts of textile treats. Some are bright and fun - like this little pixie made by Doreen and won as this month's door prize by Janet.His 'rope' is a skein of embroidery thread.
Other are simply sweet and winsome, like this cutie that Susie made from a pattern in Cloth Doll.

Look at her little baby shoes. Adorable!
Come back in the next few days to see some candlestick dolls, a returning Hoffman, and other bewitching beauties from our September Show & Tell.