All Dressed Up and...

...nowhere to go!
Eve is still waiting for her dance partner. I'm sure she's getting a bit impatient.
Is he really just sitting there with his head in his hands?!

See there - it's not always the guys waiting on the girls to get ready! "Someone" needs to get busy!


Western Hills Retreat

Jayne, Sherrill, Laura, Brenda, Doreen & Shirley were at the Western Hills Retreat on May 8th, 9th & 10th, 2009 and we had a great time working on our dolls. It was fun, relaxing & we got a lot done. We had the usual stormy weather one night and quite a lightening storm over the lake. Sherrill brought a "store" of goodies and so we had everything we needed to sew. Here are the dolls we all worked on. Sorry, I missed getting a picture of Jayne.



Group dolls, Western Hills

Doreen's dancers


Laura's queen Anne

Sherrill's dancers


May We Introduce Ourselves?

A Joyous and Merry Welcome
to our blog!

Here we can stay in touch with each other, sharing about a new project we're working on, posting pictures of the creative journey, or just an encouraging word to our club members and others who may drop in & "set a spell."

Tulsa Dolling Dames is quite a warm and friendly collection of sparkling personalities. And why wouldn't it be? We're doll artists! Full of whimsy, dazzle, razzle, and fun! We're looking forward to many colorful posts in the months ahead. Stay tuned~ there's more to come.